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Are you taking care of your body? will help You get started in getting fit and to take care of your muscles. You may want to lose weight, get in shape or just survive the muscular pain after a day at the desk. Contact Korjonen!

You can find my massage studio at "Toimistoetappi" has moved from Rauman Wanha Asema.
You can find us in Rauma "Toimistoetappi".
Address: Satamakatu 22, 26100 Rauma. 2nd floor

Are you concerned about your well-being at work?
Korjonen has a mobile massage table! Talk to your friends and boss at work about a massage visit.
Read more about massage visits in Wellness!


Massage therapist to your work or home!

We now offer massage as part of our new Wellness services. A qualified massage therapist will offer a safe, efficient and professional service. Massage treatment is used to relax muscle tensions, relieve pain and intensify the metabolism.

If you are suffering from repeated headaches, dizziness, powerless feeling in your muscles, numbness or tingling in your arms or legs or you're just really stressed - massage could help!

Our mobile massage table can be set up anywhere - in a conference room, locker room, office or in your own living room. All you need is a private space - anywhere.

Read more about Massage services in Wellness!

Niina Korjonen    
Educated Massage therapist   Sataedu
Physical Trainer
  Varalan Urheiluopisto
FISAF Gym Instructor EQF 2   Varalan Urheiluopisto
Kinesio taping course   Osteopath Marko Panu / FysioStore
Licensed Kettlebell Trainer   Tuomo Kilpeläinen / Trainer4You
Fysioterapia-Liikuntasali 35 Plus
  Physical Trainer, Personal Trainer, Exercise Instructor, Masseuse, Kinesio Taping
Liikuntakeskus Ateena   Kettlebell and Gym Instructor
Several gyms   Kettlebell instructor
Sports background    
American football Fin Nat. league   Nokian Ghosthunters 2009-2012
American football   Finland National Team 2010
Flag Ball Fin Nat. league   Rauma Sea City Storm 2007-2009


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