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Personal Trainer services can be used many ways; do you need a killer work out, lose weight, recover from an injury or some extra coaching for your upcoming challenge? Your challenge can be a national league competition or just for fun running event with your friends. Either way we'll approach your challenge just as professionally and committed. And most importantly - together.

Personal Training can be arranged at your home, at your gym, outside or in one of our cooperation gyms. In addition to exercise, personal training can include discussion about nutrition, measurement and body testing, fitness tests and also tests for mobility and posture.

Personal Training 1 hour price: 51e

Ask for a quote if you are thinking about long term training period!

All our training services can be payed for with Smartum notes!


For groups and workplaces we can arrange single training sessions or scheduled training programmes on a weekly or monthly basis. The training can take place at customer's premises, outside or in one of our cooperation gyms. The costs of the training space will be added to the instruction fee.

At the moment the most popular group training sessions are the kettlebell classes outside and foamrolling. The themes for group training are endless so ask for a quote if you have something specific in mind.

Group activity doesn't always have to be something you do together at the same time. If you're thinking about your coworkers, it's probably hard to find an activity that everyone is happy with. You can also reserve an individual physical training session for employees or group members.

Eachone of us has a bit different goals when it comes to exercise and health. Physical training is about testing and discussing your current body health and habits at this moment and setting goals to improve. In this training session everyone gets their own training instructions and a plan how to reach their goals. The session can also include nutrition advice and progress sessions.
Ask for a quote on Physical training!

Team welfare is a service designed for sports teams either for a certain season or part of the training period or a year-round assistance. Your team may be in the stage of developement where the players need extra physical assistance to get to the next level. Team welfare may help you with this.

E.g. You can use team welfare service for a single test package to test players mobility. The results are handed over to the coach and to the players themselves and the team alters their practices based on the results. Or we can add an individual training programmes for all the tested players so the mobility training won't interfere with team training.

Team welfare can be a single isolated part of team developement or it can cover several functions. In team welfare we can focus mainly on the muscle and injury care-taking or also be part of the coaching team with physical training.

Below are listed few ideas of how the team welfare services could be useful.

  - Player massages
  - Kinesio taping
  - Foam rolling
  - Mobility test and practice programs
  - Movement training in rehabilitation
(Cooperation with physiotherapist)
  - Individual training programs for off season
(Muscle balance, endurance, recovery)
  - Sideline care
(Sport injury first aid, warm up/cool down, stretching)


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