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Massage therapist to your work or home!

Anyone can order a masseuse to their workplace or home. You don't have to be an entrepreneur or have any doctor's prescription or even be in any serious pain. A masseuse can also be a nice surprise as a gift or a part of friends' gathering for a relaxing evening.
The more people there are to be massaged at the same visit, the lower the costs are per one massage.
Ask for a quote for your crew!

Help the stressed shoulders and muscle tensions!

All our Wellness services are made for ordinary "office muscles" as well as the athletes. With massage we can relieve and prevent the aches caused by stress. When the muscles tighten due to the stress overload, our metabolism doesn't work properly. This may cause compression on certain nerves, veins and lymphatics and our body cannot perform 100%.

If you really need a massage you may feel aches, tension, numbness or tingling in your arms or legs, toes or fingers and even dizziness or ringing in your ears. You may also just be tired or you feel weaker than usual. Physical problems aside, massage is always a good way just to relax.

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Massage 30 min
  Series 5 x 45 min
Massage 45 min
  Series 5 x 60 min
Massage 60 min
Massage 75 min
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Massage 90 min

Workplace massage visits can be ordered by the company as part of well-being at work. We charge the company for the massage visit by the hour. The company can list massage costs as personnel benefits which are tax-deductible costs.
For these company visits we can arrange a regular schedule or we can agree visits every now and then or even just once.

If your employer is not keen to pay for massage visits the employees can arrange the visit themselves. For a visit you'll only need a space for the massage and the time that suits everyone. Ask your employer if you can use a space in the company and if you can take a massage within the working hours. The employees can agree a suitable schedule for the visit, paid separately by each person.

Costs can also be divided between the employer and the employees, at an agreed devision.

Talk to your boss and coworkers if they would be interested in having a massage and ask for a quote for a massage visit!

Kinesio taping
is originally a treatment developed in Japan and is based on elastic tape. The tape affects the body tissues through the skin by lifting and channeling the metabolism. With kinesio tape you can ease pain, relax tense muscles, decrease swelling and activate metabolism. Physiotherapists use kinesio taping as a part of rehabilitation and you have probably seen these tapings on the sports fields as a muscle stimulators or pain relievers on injuries.

So if you have e.g. constant tense neck, your hand get tired or numb for working on a keyboard, your shoulder is aching or your knee is swollen and this bothers your everyday movements - you should try kinesio tape!

Kinesio taping once: 5e
Taping + instructions to tape yourself: 27e

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